Eq•ui•ty [ek-wi-tee]

  1. 1. The quality of being fair and impartial

  1. 2. The residual value of a business or property

  1. 3. Something that is just, impartial and fair



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We service all commercial properties including educational facilities, churches and cemeteries, business parks, malls, retail shopping centers, and military institutions.

We are a full tree service company in Covington, GA with the equipment and staff needed to complete your job in a professional, courteous manner at affordable prices. We take the time to thoroughly review your project to ensure that you are getting the best job at the best possible price. You get the advantage of having the services and experience provided by the larger, more expensive companies without paying for a lot of flash.

We can cut down your trees and leave the wood behind or we can provide a complete project, leaving your property immaculate. We can also assist you with insurance claims for damage to trees caused by lightning strikes and property damage due to fallen trees.